Reliable transportation is essential to working families, but the cost of purchasing and maintaining a car is a challenge for those with less than perfect credit histories or no credit history at all. Where other lenders see this as a barrier, we see the chance to help provide reliable transportation for working families.

Ways to Work (WTW) auto loans are for the purchase or repair of a used vehicle. Loans are currently available to borrowers living in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

For families, one of the greatest barriers to economic mobility is commuting time, as it relates to a parent’s ability to care for their family and obtain a job with a living wage. The purpose of the WTW loan is to provide affordable financing for a pre-owned car purchase or auto repair that would otherwise lead to the inability to keep one’s job, take care of one’s family, or limit an individual’s ability to get a better job.

We believe that having poor credit, or no credit at all, should not preclude anyone from bettering their lives and the lives of their families. We understand the challenges that low-income families face, and work to provide opportunities to those with less than perfect lending histories.

CGF offers the Ways to Work program. We provide our borrowers with free financial literacy training to ensure that our borrowers have the tools they need to succeed. We guide our borrowers through the initial steps of the WTW Loan process and puts borrowers on the path to success. Start the process here.

What we offer

  • Financing for used vehicles up to $10,000 in value
  • Vehicles must be purchased through an approved dealer. Private purchases do not qualify for Ways to Work Loans
  • Financial literacy classes are required for all Ways to Work applicants

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must live within Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Drivers’ License
  • Employed consecutively for three months or more at a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Cannot have a current car loan or be a co-signer on a current car loan
  • Must be able to provide proof of ability to afford the monthly loan payments

WTW Dealerships

CGF provides a list of pre-approved dealerships.

WTW Application

Fill out a WTW application.

How the Ways to Work Program Works

CGF provides a step-by-step illustrated roadmap that explains how the Ways-to-Work Loan program works.